Do you know how and when to use casino auto play?

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Do you know how and when to use casino auto play?

In most modern slots (video slots, 3d slots or even some classic slots) it is common to find a button on the game interface with the copy : “AUTO”, “AUTO PLAY”, “AUTO JUEGO” or similar. No matter how little English you know, you will understand the meaning. If you choose to press it you go into autoplay which frees you from repeatedly pressing the button that starts the roll and allows you to perform other tasks.

What are the variables of the automatic mode?


Now that you understand the meaning, let’s see what parameters you can usually select.

Not all machines have the same variables, but as a general rule they should have the following:

  • Number of spins: A common aspect is to choose the number of spins you want to perform in automatic mode. The slot usually offers you different sections from smaller to larger. In some slots, you can even set it to infinite mode and it will not stop until you use up your balance or press STOP.
  • Bet: The bet with which you want to roll is a variable that you should always choose in AUTO mode.
  • Loss limits/Win limits: On some newer video slots you can also set a loss or win limit under which the slot will stop its auto mode.

Which machines contain AUTO mode?

Most video slots on slot contain auto mode, but here are a few examples:

Stone Slot: The original video slot themed on a popular family you’re sure to recognise.

In this case, we can select AUTO mode at a spin range of between 10-100 spins and with the bet mode we have selected. In this case 200.

How to identify if they contain it?

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It is as simple as reading the instructions or identifying if in the interface bar of the game (where the balance, bet button and/or play button appear) you can find a button indicating the auto function. Depending on the technology and theme of the slot you are playing with, it may appear with the copy: “A”, “AUTO”, “AUTO PLAY” or “AUTO GAME”. If you click on it you should be asked how many games you want to play in this mode.

When do we recommend using AUTO mode?

Like all features, you need to understand when is the best time to use it. Auto mode is recommended when you have a lot of credit on your scoreboard and you plan to achieve a challenge based on number of games. It is also interesting when you are close to achieving the machine trophy and you don’t want to spend time to get it.

What are you waiting for to try them in your favourite slot?

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