888Sport Review

888sport Betting

888Sport Review

After opening your account, you will be credited with a £10 bonus immediately. The remainder of the promotion will be delivered in  $10 tranches, which will unlock upon reaching  $100 of qualifying bets placed in a block. 

888sport Website

888sport web

The graphic analysis of the website is a key element in guiding the choices of users. In fact, an intuitive and harmonious layout with the right colour combinations can push a bettor towards certain bookmakers. 888sport is at the forefront in this regard. The black background highlights the orange parts, the distinctive colour of the 888 brand. Everything is within easy reach.

In the header is the main menu, with sections on “Betting”, “Live”, “Promotions”, “How to Start”, “How to Top Up” and Blog. On the left shoulder, there is a handy list with the live section, the races that are about to start and a list of popular events: by scrolling, you can then access the section with all sports.

Moving to the centre of the home page, we see highlighted, at the top, the sliders with the 1X2 odds of the sports events related to the most important section of the moment. Moving down to the centre of the page, we find instead a box indicating the number of live events in progress, with other boxes around it indicating the most followed live matches and the races that will start soon, as well as the section called “Combo Builder”, which presents a list of races already selected to quickly compose a coupon. Everything is at your fingertips, allowing the user an immediate and quality gaming experience.

888sport Rules


Before placing any bets, it’s a good idea to know the rules in depth. On the official 888sport website you can find all the rules in the “How to Start” section; then click on “How to Bet” to open the “General Terms and Conditions” sub-section, where you can find all the information regarding the rules for the various sports.

There are substantial differences: in basketball, for example, bets take into account the result including overtime. This is in contrast to football, where extra time and penalty kicks are excluded. 888sport explain in detail all the betting types for all the sports in their bouquet: for cycling, for example, they specify that there are no refunds when betting on the ‘Winner’ of a race in the case of non-starters, disqualifications, withdrawals and abandonments. Please read this section carefully to avoid a bad gambling experience.

888sport Schedule

Here is a detailed analysis of the schedule promoted by 888 Sportsbook. The site of the ‘triple eight’ offers a huge variety of events to bet on, making them one of the giants in the industry. There are in fact 24 different sections, in which there are the most popular disciplines (Football, Tennis, Basketball, Motor Vehicles), or those more original and related to sports less practiced in Italy: American Football, Snooker, Bandu, Baseball, Floorball. There is also a section dedicated to E-sports, as well as the possibility of placing bets even on Tv&Spettacolo.

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